February 2018 Improv Shows in Singapore

February started out slow but our enterprising improv troupes decided to let you spend your CNY angpow money wisely.

If you’d like to support the running of this monthly round-up, please consider buying Modern Schemers a coffee or come watch one of our shows.

This month’s shows

3 February: Schemers Improv Nights #12 More F**ked Up Secrets

singapore improv shows
Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 8pm-0930pm
Facebook event page |

Some secrets, we’ll take to our graves. Secrets so BIG they’ll freak our friends, alienate our lovers, and scare our pets. These are the kinda secrets we need from YOU to power the funniest improvised comedy evening you’ve ever seen.

It works like this: ANONYMOUSLY share your most unbelievable secrets with us. Then watch us weave them into comedic gold.

It doesn’t matter if you’re secretly in love with your MP or if you’re a chemistry teacher secretly dealing meth, as long as it’s juicy, we find the funny. And trust us… it’s going to be a whole lot of funny.

So join us for a wild one-night-stand of high-octane improv comedy, courtesy of the most epic secrets you dare to spill. Share your secrets here.

Get your tickets now.

10 Feb: Jacky and Friends ft puppets from Circular St. [Livestreamed on FB]

Jacky and Friends Puppets

Where: The Merry Lion [#03-00, 8B Circular Road]+ Facebook
When: 4.30pm-5.45pm
Price: FREE

This week, Jacky will be hanging out with his friends from Circular Street!

A puppet show featuring a dog, big black thing and more home made puppets. Come and witness the puppet show revolution in Singapore.

Doors Open at 4. Show starts at 4.30.

Jacky will be doing a short stand up set and then a break.

FB Live at 5 with the puppets. RSVP to get a notification when they go live!

23 Feb: The Improv Company 301 Showcase + Les Musicables

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 7.30pm-8.30pm + 9.30pm to 10.30pm

7.30pm-8.30pm The Improv Company presents Improv Grad Showcase: Multi-Linguini
Tickets: http://improvgrad-linguini2.peatix.com
The graduands from one of our recent Improv 301 courses– Multi-Linguini– will be staging their first-ever LONG-FORM IMPROV SHOW! Come give them your suggestions at the beginning of the show, and then watch as they inspire the group– comprising Ankit, Antoinette, Claudia, Ruici, Sandhya, Vikram & Ying Hui– in improvising long, captivating tales of sorrow, joy and utter hilarity!

9.30pm to 10.30pm The Improv Company’s Les Musicables Presents: Smells like Smoke on the Tiger
GET TICKETS https://lesmus-smoke.peatix.com/
Ever smell like teen spirit? Or that you want to take a smoke on the water? Or better yet, stare into the eye of a tiger! Then this show is for you. The Improv Company’s Les Musicables presents Smells like Smoke on the Tiger, an improvised rock musical. Feel the passion, the angst, the joy, and the excitement that can only be experienced through an exploration of rock music, and the story that goes along with it, in our unscripted musical. After all, they say “Rock Never Dies”. So for a brief moment in time, let’s live forever.

23 February:Improv Masters featuring AB Devils, Modern Schemers and The Latecomers

Where: Centre 42
When: 8pm-9.30pm
Facebook event page |

Catch a medley of great improv acts and comedians in this intimate show curated just for you. Three improv teams will be performing in very different styles of improv with a range of short-form games, long-form scenes and improvised rhymes.

First off we have AB Devils, comprised of the talented duo, Abhishek and Bhavani who will put their poetic skills to the test by doing all their scenes completely in rhyme!

The Modern Schemers are next, Singapore’s longest running improv troupe who dabble in experimental improv formats. They put up wild shows with topics that range from gender trouble to genre parody and have 2 seasons of their successful long-running bi-weekly show called Schemers Improv Nights under their belt


Finally The Latecomers will close the night with our usual mish-mash of high-energy short form games and hilarious long form scenes inspired by your suggestions.

Tickets at Peatix, or payment at door via cash or PayLah.

24 February: Schemers Improv Nights #13

schemers improv nights 13

Where: 95 Desker Road (Haque Center of Acting and Creativity)
When: 8pm-9.30pm
Facebook event page |

Strap yourself in for a night of riotous, on-the-spot comedy with The Modern Schemers!

On the 24 February, rock up at HCAC for an off-the-rails evening of kickass improv with Singapore’s longest-running improv team. They’ll transmogrify your suggestions into wild & weird stories, made just for you!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll have a great night. All for just $10.

Get your tickets now.

24 Feb: The Improv Company graduate showcases

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 7.30pm-8.30pm + 9.30pm to 10.30pm

7.30pm-8.30pm http://improvgrad-jeff.peatix.com/

9.30pm to 10.30pm Improv Grad Showcase: Frisky Rojak
Tickets: http://improvgrad-rojak.peatix.com
$10 online
$15 at the door

The latest batch of graduands from our Improv 201 classes– Frisky Rojak– will be staging their first-ever improv show! Come watch as they take your suggestions and turn them into hilarious scenes on the fly! Ben, Chaur Lih, Claire, Farid, Miguel, Phil & Seb will be playing Whose Line-style games as we celebrate the weekend!

Get your tickets for Frisky Rojak’s show now!

25 Feb: The Improv Company graduate showcase

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 9.30pm to 10.30pm
Tickets: https://improvgrad-interchangeables2.peatix.com/

7.30pm-8.30pm http://improvgrad-jeff.peatix.com/

$10 online
$15 at the door

The graduands from one of our recent Improv 301 courses– The Interchangeables– will be staging their first-ever LONG-FORM IMPROV SHOW! Come give them your suggestions at the beginning of the show, and then watch as they inspire the group– comprising Adam, Dennis, Desmond, Teng Yan & Yanling– in improvising long, captivating tales of sorrow, joy and utter hilarity!

27 Feb: Improv Workshop by the Improv Company at The Hive

improv in singapore

Where: The Hive Lavendar [1 Kallang Junction]
When: 7pm-10pm
Price: $10 [Book here] | RSVP on Facebook

Watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? Heard about the transformative power of improv?

Join The Improv Company to learn a little bit about improv comedy and how it can help build creativity, resilience and a strong spirit of collaboration in all aspects of your life! And of course, you can expect some crazy fun along the way!

28 Feb: Latecomers’ Improv Open Mic Wednesdays

Improv Show in Singapore The Latecomers

Where: The Hive Lavendar [1 Kallang Junction]
When: 8pm-9.30pm
Price: Free| RSVP on Facebook

A one of its kind open mic night for improv and stand-up comedy!

If you’ve been dying to get back on stage and dust off your improv or comedy muscles, this is the perfect opportunity for you! The Latecomers welcome all improvisers and stand-up comedians to come together to do their thang.

How it works:
~10 minute set for improv (4-5 troupes)
~5 minute set for standup (3 minutes if it’s your first open mic) [4-5 standup comics]

Sign up here with a group or as an individual improviser/comedian and we’ll put you in an ad-hoc perfoming group.
Lists will be finalized and sent out before the show.

FREE to watch! Come support the growing improv scene and mingle with other improvisers and comedians in a non-threatening environment.

We’ve got more plans in the works for these open mic nights and hopefully some F&B options, BYOB in the meantime for that mid-week stress buster.

2 to 3 March: PIRATES OF TOKYO BAY in Singapore


15 to 18 March: Singapore Improv Festival 2018

singapore improv festival 2018
Where: Aliwal Arts Centre
Facebook event page |Tickets

Fake news, a Royal Wedding, the Singapore budget and cryptocurrency may seem to have nothing in common, but improbable scenarios involving all the above can only come to life with the magic of improvisational theatre.

Diverse audience suggestions will spark the stories that will be told at the Singapore Improv Festival (SIF), returning 15–18 March 2018 at the Aliwal Arts Centre.

Now in its second edition, the Singapore Improv Festival presents completely unscripted and unmissable stories created with nothing but a little help from the audience and the performers’ own creativity.
One can expect unique tales of love, horror, adventure and science fiction and much more — made up completely on the spot.

Check out our calendar for improv classes and the most up-to-date schedule.