September improv shows in Singapore

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2 September: My F**ked Up Secret! w/ The Modern Schemers [Tickets]

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Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity [89A Desker Road]
When: 8.00pm-9.30pm
Price: $10
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Some secrets, we’ll take to our graves. Secrets so BIG they’ll freak our friends, alienate our lovers, and scare our pets. These are the kinda secrets we need from YOU to power the funniest improvised comedy evening you’ve ever seen.

It works like this: ANONYMOUSLY share your most unbelievable secrets with us. Then watch us weave them into comedic gold.

It doesn’t matter if you’re secretly in love with your MP or if you’re a chemistry teacher secretly dealing meth, as long as it’s juicy, we find the funny. And trust us… it’s going to be a whole lot of funny.

So join us for a wild one-night-stand of high-octane improv comedy, courtesy of the most epic secrets you dare to spill.

3 September: ASAP Presents “I am Brother Hand 3”, an improvised reality singing competition. [Tickets]

Improv in Singapore

Where: Word Forward
When: 7.30pm-8.30pm
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After two successful sold-out shows, ASAP is back with the third season of their improvised reality singing competition “I Am Brother Hand”!

That’s more original never-before-heard songs inspired by you the audience, more unscripted never-before-seen scenes, and more wacky somewhat bilingual (we perform primarily English but might throw in some Mandarin and/or dialect) fun with the ASAP crew.

To get a foot in the music industry, many aspiring artistes go through the intense pressure of a reality singing competition. But following a reality show through from audition to finals takes up a lot of time, so we’ve condensed the good parts into a 1-hour improvised extravaganza.

We’re doing the exact same thing. Except our songs are improvised, our contestant backstories are made-up on the spot, we aren’t broadcasted on any networks, and at the end of it all instead of a recording contract or a ton of money, we take home only the satisfaction of audience applause (this is not said to sound noble, we really don’t have money to give away. Or money in general).

For a 25% discount off the standard price, be an early bird and get your ticket before the 29th of August (Tuesday) 2359 hours.

Brother Hand sees you, and wants to please you.

9 September: The Improv Company’s The Company Players Presents: SURVIVORPROV

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Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
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$15 online

In regular improv shows, the improvisers’ mission is to support and make each other look good. In this show, however, we have a different mission.

To give you, the audience, a one-of-a-kind improv experience, The Company Players will bravely step into the battle arena deep down in the heart of one of the most unforgiving places in Singapore- the stage of The Improv Den.

This is an improvised social experiment unlike any other. Improvisers will be left onstage to fend for themselves and will be forced to work together to create mind-blowing improv scenes while battling the elements, and each other. Audience members will possess crucial powers unimaginable that will shake the course of the game at any moment. Improvisers must learn to create alliances, trust one another, and deceive other players if needed, or they will be voted off their team. In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of The Improv Company’s Sole Survivor.

This is SURVIVORPROV (Out-Yes, Out-And, Outlaugh)!!!

Details to come…

14 September: Improv with The Latecomers [Tickets]

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Where: Blu Jaz Cafe [11 Bali Lane]
When: 8.30pm-10.30pm
Price: $15
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The Latecomers, who will be putting on an improv show a la Whose Line Is It Anyway?, full of jokes, songs and you guessed it, improvised humor!

Come for the comedy, stay for the drinks & food, enjoy the company and get ready for a great night out at Blu Jaz Cafe with TALK COCK COMEDY!

16, 17 September: Does It Matter? A Playback Theatre Performance [Tickets]

Where: Toa Payoh Central Community Club Theatrette
When:16th Sept, 7:30pm + 17th Sept, 3pm
Price: $20

An old man tottering in the train while seats remain occupied. A community bike with a missing wheel–or two. People elbowing their way into the bus.

What kind of society are we enabling with our sense of entitlement? How do we build a community we’d be proud to live in; one in which we’d trust our neighbours to look out for us? What would a community of civic conscious people look like — and will we get there?

Join Tapestry Playback Theatre in a conversation on what it takes for us to become a more caring and considerate community. Share your stories about civic conscious (or not!) acts and people in our community.

Playback Theatre is an improvisational form of community theatre. The audience shares real moments from their lives and watch the performers play it back, with elements of cloth, movement, music, and spoken word.

28 September: The Friendliest Death Match Improv Comedy #4

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Where: CANVAS Club
When: 8pm-10pm
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The friendliest death match is back! 12 improvisers battle it out to the be best of the night as decided by you- the audience!

12 Improvisers from all over the island of Singapore battle it out for the laughter and applause of our audience to win a prize that is really not that worth it. A lot of fun.

29 September: Talk Cock Sing Song by ASAP Improv

Singapore Improv

Where: #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 23 Sept 8.30pm to 9.30pm
Price: $20 onwards
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The Kok family is your average heartland household. So average and representative of Singapore society that they’ve been arrowed, I mean SELECTED, by their local grassroots leader to take part in a government-commissioned game show where they’ll be playing games (musical or otherwise) like the ones on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Based off your suggestions, they’ll have to come up with original songs and create never-before-seen sketches on the spot. That’s right. Make them work for their GST U-Save Vouchers.

So laugh along with them (or at them) and host cum maestro Joel Chua as they talk cock, sing song, and maybe play mahjong for your entertainment in this entirely improvised and unscripted show of epic proportions.

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