November improv shows in Singapore

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1 November: Latecomers Improv : Open Mic Wednesdays

Improv Show in Singapore The Latecomers

Where: Centre 42 Rehearsal Studios
When: 8pm-9.30pm
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A one of its kind open mic night for improv and stand-up comedy!

If you’ve been dying to get back on stage and dust off your improv or comedy muscles, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

The Latecomers welcome all improvisers and stand-up comedians to come together to do their thang.


4 November: Modern Schemers presents Schemers Improv Nights 7: Yishun Things 2

Singapore Improv Shows The Modern Schemers

Where: #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 8pm-9.30pm
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Your alternate Saturdays will not be the same again. Schemers Improv Nights is back.

‘Yishun Things 2’ explores the dark side of this Singapore township in an improv show unlike any other.

For the first episode , we bring back cult classic Yishun Things.

4 November: The Improv Masterclass at Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity [Tickets]

the improv masterclass

Where: 89A Desker Road
When: 8 to 9.30pm
Price: $20

Improv is like magic.

And do you know what is even better than seeing a magic trick? Knowing the secrets behind it!

The Improv Masterclass is a show meant to reveal the secrets behind every improv scenes. Watch Graeme and Arnaud bring you through an awakening journey retracing the history of improv, demonstrating their different styles and showing you what is happening in an improviser’s head. Whether it’s about playing a game or improvising a story, you will get to know how it’s done.

How do improvisers look so quick on their feet? How can they always know what to say? What makes them look so creative?

Improv won’t have any secrets for you anymore. And maybe it will be your turn, to become the magician and blow everybody’s mind!

NB: The show duration is 90 minutes.

4 November: The Improv Company: The Company Players Present Two’s Company

the improv company

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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$15 online

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Be our third wheel as the Company Players examine what it means to spend twenty minutes alone with only one person on stage.

What happens when you don’t have an entire team of improvisers backing you up and all you’ve got is one friend? Come find out with us!

We’ll have three pairs this Saturday: Imran & Shu Ning, Kim & Karl, and Bhavani & Amirah.

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6 November: Yale-NUS Improv Graduation Showcase

Improv Show in Singapore Yale-NUS

Where: Yale-NUS College Blackbox Theatre
When: 8pm-10pm
Price: $2
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Yale-NUS Improv presents their big semester-ly show happening on Monday 6 November!

They’ll be performing scenes and games that will definitely make you giggle. Some of their members will be performing for the very first time so it’s all very exciting.

No scripts, no dips, no chocolate chips. Only the prompts that you shout out!

9 November: Improv with The Latecomers [Tickets]

latecomers oct

Where: Blu Jaz Cafe [11 Bali Lane]
When: 8.30pm-10.30pm
Price: $15
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The Latecomers, who will be putting on an improv show a la Whose Line Is It Anyway?, full of jokes, songs and you guessed it, improvised humor!

Come for the comedy, stay for the drinks & food, enjoy the company and get ready for a great night out at Blu Jaz Cafe with TALK COCK COMEDY!

18 November: Schemers Improv Nights #8 Train Breakdowns

singapore improv shows

Where: #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 7pm-8.30pm
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18 November: The Latecomers Present Late Night Improv

late night improv the latecomers

Where: Centre 42, Rehearsal Studio
When: 8pm-9.30pm
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Catch a medley of great improv acts and comedians in this intimate show curated just for you. Two improv teams will be performing, in two very different styles of improv.

First off we have LIGHT PURPLE, the dynamic and highly experienced duo of Arnaud Pierre and Alison Blanche Coriell.

Finally The Latecomers will close the night with our usual mish-mash of high-energy short form games and hilarious long form scenes inspired by your suggestions.

Tickets at Peatix, or payment at door via cash or PayLah.

19 November: The Latecomers Improv Playground

Improv Show in Singapore The Latecomers

Where: Centre 42, Rehearsal Studio
When: 2pm-4pm
Facebook event page

Come play improv games and learn some new fun skills with your favourite improv group, The Latecomers

Date: 19th November (Sunday)
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Centre 42 – Meeting Room
(42 Waterloo St, Singapore 187951)
Cost: $5

No prior improv experience needed, all are welcome!!


24 November: Left in Stitches: A Comedic Improvisation Showcase [Tickets]

Singapore Improv

Where: 89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611
When: 8pm-9.30pm
Price: $10

First, you’ll get to watch the action-packed HCAC Improv Students Showcase as they wow you with their mad skills.

The main event of the night will be a “Maestro’: a Higlanderesque competition where there can be only one remaining at the end of the night. Watch the improvisers compete before your eyes for the title of best improviser of the night. The best part? YOU get to give the points!

Feel free to linger after the show!

We would love to meet you to chat about life, improv and our upcoming workshops and shows.

25 November: The Improv Company: The Company Players Present: Uhhh Next Slide

Improv Shows in Singapore

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
When: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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$10 online

Your vacation is approaching. You’ve got that last project to wrap up and present at work. You don’t want to, so you make up something and pass it off as your ‘work’. Nobody notices.

You do it again. Ten years later you’re the CEO of your company.

It could happen.

Find out for yourself how it could happen at The Company Player’s latest show, UHHH NEXT SLIDE, premiering this Saturday at The Improv Company!

28 November, 1 December: The Improv Company: Improv Grad Showcase: {Group Photo Here}

Where: 62B South Bridge Road
Tue, 28 Nov 2017 | 7.15 – 8.15 pm
Fri, 1 Dec 2017 | 8 – 9 pm
Facebook RSVP | Get Tickets
$10 online, $15 at the door

The latest batch of graduands from our Improv 201 class will be staging their first-ever improv show! Come watch as they take your suggestions and turn them into hilarious scenes on the fly!

Afiq, Lewis, Mok, Niya, Oliver, Pearl, Ran and Sheryl will be playing Whose Line-style games as we herald the beginning of the week and then the weekend (yay)!


2 December: Schemers Improv Nights #8 The Office Show

Improv Shows in Singapore

Where: #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 7pm-8.30pm
Facebook event page |  

  • Do you work hard?
  • Do you contribute to your company’s growth?
  • Are you a star employee?
  • Do you breathe?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, y

You will love this show, and maybe even get a raise.

3 December: Talk Cock Sing Song by ASAP Improv

Improv Show in Singapore ASAP

Where: #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 7:30 to 8:30pm
Price: $15 onwards
Facebook event page |  

The Song family would like you to think that they are an average Singapore family. I mean, they only have 3 cars and a modest terrace house that’s about 5000 square feet in size. A far cry from the posh folks who live in your 15000 square feet Good Class Bungalows.

Setting an example as prominent community leaders (and also because Mr Song owes his politician friend a favour for George’s letter of recommendation), join Mr and Mrs Song and their two Anglo-Chinese School-educated sons Frederick and George as they take part in a government-commissioned game show where they’ll be playing games (musical or otherwise) not unlike the ones on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Based off your suggestions, they’ll have to come up with original songs and create never-before-seen sketches on the spot. Which shouldn’t be a problem since putting on an act in front of strangers is a daily affair.

So laugh along with them (or at them, although the Mrs will have you know it’s unbecoming for learned folk to laugh inappropriately) and host cum maestro Joel Chua as they talk cock, sing song, and maybe play mahjong for your entertainment in this entirely improvised and unscripted show of epic proportions.

Be an early bird an save 25% of the standard ticket price. Early bird sales end 28th November 2359hrs.

Visit our calendar for improv classes and shows beyond November.

You’re invited to Modern Schemers year-end jam

Ahoy Schemates,

We’re running an improv jam on 31 December 2016 from 10am to noon at 62B South Bridge Road (that’s The Improv Company’s HQ).

In the 2-hour session, we’ll share some of the formats we’ve staged in the past year:

  • Lazer Shark: What happens when you create a game in 10 seconds or less?
  • Centre of the Universe: What happens when the world moves around you?
  • Life Goals: What happens when things you think are important in life is staged
  • Radio Play: What happens in a world where we can’t see? (Well, not literally

And more! You get to play them too.
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